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Sun shades and exterior awnings are available with two separate control options: manual operation and motorized operation. When you opt for motorized shades and awnings, your products are linked to a remote control or wall panel that allows you to make changes with the touch of a button.


Motorized sun shades and awnings offer the utmost in home convenience. Remote technology allows you to raise or lower your shades and awnings from anywhere in your home at any time, regardless of the weather or the time of day. You also won’t need to spend any time to raise or lower your shade manually, allowing you to keep your attention and focus on the tasks at hand or the guests you are entertaining without interrupting these activities.


Shades and awnings that cover large or tall windows can be unwieldy to operate manually. Climbing on a ladder can pose a falling hazard, while trying to operate outdoor shades in the dark can also put your safety at risk. Alternatively, moving your shade via remote from the ground is a much safer option, posing no risk to your safety regardless of the conditions or location of your shade.


Motorized operation of shades and awnings can also offer comfort to individuals who might otherwise have trouble with manual raising and lowering of these products. Those who are older, suffer from arthritis, have been injured, or simply have more limited mobility can greatly benefit from the comfort offered by remote operation of sun shades and awnings. When you can operate your shades comfortably from any location, you won’t need to ask for help, wait for family members or friends to arrive, or risk your own comfort to make changes in the position of your sun shades or awnings.

At SW Sun Control, we are pleased to offer motorized sun shade and retractable awning options in Tucson. You can take a look at our products by browsing through our gallery on the web, or call (520) 792-1775 to discuss your needs with our knowledgeable staff.



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