How to Pick a Fabric for Your Exterior Retractable Shade System
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Retractable sunshades give you more opportunities to spend time on your patio because they block the sun and the elements. If you want to optimize the convenience and style of your outdoor area, you should install a retractable sunshade. Keep reading for some tips on picking the perfect fabric for your new shade.

Think About Using Light Colors

Light color fabrics actually reflect sunlight. This means that they keep light away from you as you relax under the shade and keep a gap between the sunshade and the top of the house. Lighter colored fabrics also look great with Southwestern architecture styles, which help you optimize the aesthetic appeal of your exterior design. Lighter colors are great options in hot climates because they allow you to stay outside longer.

Turn to Your Current Décor

If you have outdoor furniture and other decorative elements on your patio, you can use them as inspiration for your new retractable sunshade. Choose a color and a pattern that complements the other features that you already have to create a cohesive décor that makes you want to spend more time outside.

Take Some Samples

The best way to see how a fabric will work is to put it against the rest of your exterior design. Bring some samples with you so you can get a better idea of how a certain fabric will look in a particular area of your yard.

Think About the Elements

Since this fabric will remain outside, you want to choose something that will not show dirt easily. Talk to the staff about the best fabrics to use to get the most aesthetic appeal and function.

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