Patio Screens

  • Keeps your covered patio cooler in summer and warmer in winter
  • Easy operation with push-button lowering and retracting
  • Reduces heat, glare, and cooling costs
  • Fabric Retention Track system provides full enclosure for your patio
  • Offers shade and keeps out bugs, critters, dust, and debris
  • Versatile, creating flexibility of a retractable screened room or open outdoor area when desired

Seasonal Shades

  • Enjoyable for homeowners watching sports on a covered patio
  • Ideal for restaurants, extending usability of outdoor areas
  • Increases customer comfort and boosts revenues
  • Designed with cooler weather in mind
  • Utilizes high-quality mechanical and electronic components
  • Features a fabric panel for wind, rain, and cool weather protection
  • Compatible with Fabric Retention Track shade system
  • Combines clear vinyl with a solid border in various colors
  • Can be used with a patio heater for a winter paradise

Doors & Windows

  • Most effective method to reduce heat and cooling costs
  • High-quality shade products for sun-exposed windows and doors
  • Reduces heat and glare with remote control operation
  • Maintains a clear view even when shades are down
  • Track shades keep insects and critters out
  • Ideal for sliding doors (up to 27 feet wide)
  • Customizable with an array of fabric and hardware color combinations to choose from

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